Guilt, Shame and Anxiety Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions

Af Peter Breggin


Guilt, Shame and Anxiety offers a wholly new unified understanding of guilt, shame and anxiety as negative legacy emotions that have no role in our mature lives. It offers the three steps to emotional freedom—toward a life where you will give more to yourself and to everyone you touch.

This book shows you that your negative emotions actually have nothing to do with who we really are. They were built into us by biological evolution, and we certainly had nothing to do with that. Then they were elicited, directed and amplified in childhood, usually before we can even remember, and we had nothing to do with that either. Guilt, shame and anxiety are literally “prehistoric” because they were built in by evolution and driven home in childhood when we had little memory or understanding of what was going on.

As adults, guilt, shame and anxiety serve no useful purpose. They are prehistoric and even stone-age in origin. We can learn to identify them, to reject them, and to replace with sound values and loving relationships. This book can help you to transform your life to a new psychological and spiritual level, one more satisfying than you may have ever imagined for yourself and your loved ones.

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